School Governance Review

The Scottish Government is currently carrying out a review of school governance.
You may have heard about it in the media.

You can read the consultation document here.
You can make a response here.
The deadline for responses is 6th January 2017.
This is an important consultation given the changes that could be brought about in how, and where, decisions about education are taken.
I encourage all parents to read the consultation and to give their responses both on the government’s official response website, but also to feedback to the parent council. So that the Parent Council can also submit a response based on the feedback we gather representing the parent body. The more representation we get, the louder our voice is heard.
Jacqui MacDonald (Chief Education Officer, EDC) is hoping to prepare some guidelines on the most important parts of the review for us to concentrate on. I will post a link to that as soon as I get it.
The government is requesting responses from anyone involved in education: Parents; Professionals; Practitioners; Parent Councils; Schools; Authorities etc.
Kind regards,
Kenny Millar
Chair, Kirkintilloch High School Parent Council.