Be a responsible driver

It is with regret that the Parent Council had to write to all parents and carers regarding dangerous driving and parking in and around our school.  Mr Muir (Head Teacher) reported to the Parent Council on recent issues which, if not resolved, will lead to serious consequences.

The actions of a few irresponsible drivers are putting the safety of our young people and staff at the school in serious danger.  The issue has been reported to the police and the Parent Council are looking at ways to tackle this issue.  If you have any feedback on this please contact the Parent Council.

All people driving within the school are requested to note the following points:

  • Always park in designated parking spots
  • The drop-off zone is not for parking – it is for immediate drop-off and then move-on
  • Please ensure you watch out for the school bus and leave sufficient space in the drop-off zone
  • Do not park on the turning circle or the main road into the school
  • Stop for people waiting, and in the process of crossing, at the crossing-point (the “zebra crossing”)
  • Do not drop-off or collect anywhere along the road into the school – including dropping-off and “u-turns” at the school gates
  • Do not park in the disabled parking bays unless you have need to do so – this means Blue Badge holders and other authorised vehicles (taxis from Campsie View School)

For the safety of our young people and school staff, please take care and drive sensibly and park responsibly within the school grounds.