Can a classroom assistant/auxiliary/nursery nurse with children in the same school stand for selection/election as a Parent Council member?

Yes, they can stand as a parent member or a staff member.

What is the role of the head teacher in relation to the Parent Council?

The head teacher cannot be a member of the Parent Council but does have a right and a duty to be to be present and to speak at Parent Council meetings, to provide the Parent Council with information, and to act in an advisory capacity on any matter that falls within the Parent Council’s remit.

Who can serve on a Parent Council?

Any parent, guardian or carer of a pupil at a particular school can become a parent member of the School Parent Council for that school.  Teachers on the staff can serve on a Parent Council as staff members.

Persons may be co-opted onto the Parent Council (co-opted member) provided they are not eligible to serve as a parent or staff member.

People who are eligible to serve on the Parent Council may do so as long as there is no legal reason which might otherwise restrict them from doing so.